what we do

SECHOB OFFENSIVE is a 360 degree Cyber/Physical Security Corporate particularly focusing on Red Teaming, Incident Management and Command Control, Psychological Warfare, Criminology, Terrorism, Intelligence, Next Generation Defensive Assault Technologies.

SECHOB is basically SEize, Clear, HOld, Build which is counter-insurgency strategy

Currently, we have 2 brands operating in the field


An independent certification project in multidisciplinary cyber struggle era. Currently, there are 3 different certifications. Ranger is the first certification with the duration of 10 weeks and focusing on penetration testing, incident management and response, malware analysis, criminal profiling, psychological warfare, terrorism, 4. generation warfare and their applications in cyber world. Alpha is intelligence certification focusing on espionage fundamentals, human intelligence, spotting, engagement, interrogation, counter-interrogation, tracking in both kinetic and cyber world. Delta is 0day research and exploit development certification.


Is brand independent consultancy company focusing on Red Team, Human based Cyber Intelligence, Incident Management, 0day Research, Cyber Weapon Development and Research